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Shenzhen Longhua Baoneng Science and Technology Park

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Update time : 2020-08-13 16:13:34
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Shenzhen Baoan. Baoan Airport Shenzhen Baoan. Baoan Airport
Aug .13.2020
With the help of AXAET, Shenzhen Baoan Airport can easily control the airport map guide, flight time, ticket ordering and other systems; reduce management costs, labor costs, and greatly improve the overall service quality of the airport
Shenzhen Fantasia·Meinian Plaza Shenzhen Fantasia·Meinian Plaza
Aug .13.2020
In the past, it only relied on manpower to turn on and turn off the lights. The square was large, there were many floors, the speed was slow, untimely, and the operation was troublesome, resulting in a lot of waste of electricity; now I use the Aoxingao s
从“败家子”到物联网专家:一个技术偏执男的自述 从“败家子”到物联网专家:一个技术偏执男的自述
Oct .14.2017